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Zagreb to get €2 Million Pet Cemetery

CroatiaAfter more than six years of promises and waiting, work will start this autumn on a 2 million euro pet cemetery in Croatia’s capital Zagreb…

The brand new pet cemetery, which will be located next door to the current animal shelter in Dumovec, is expected to be complete at the end of next year. The complex, sprawling over 8 hectares, will also have a crematorium and a park on site.

“This is an achievement for civilisation that the citizens of Zagreb have waited years for. It will be a place to meet for all those who love pets, a place to remember, but also an opportunity to adopt abandoned animals because it will be right next to the animal shelter,” Emil Tuk, head of Zagreb City’s Agriculture and Forestry department said.

Zagreb City Council says that only in Vienna do such cemeteries exists, making Zagreb one of the unique capitals in the region. (photo: Vecernji list)

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