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Zagreb to be centre of world water polo in March

2022 World Water Polo Championships: Croatia into quarterfinals  

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In exactly one week, Mladost sports park in the Croatian capital Zagreb will become the centre of world water polo.

From 8-14 March, the Word Aquatics World Cup will begin at the pools along the Sava River, which will bring together the national teams from Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Japan, the USA and France.

All of them will try to qualify for the Superfinal of the World Cup, which takes place in June in Los Angeles.

The Croatian ‘Barracudas’ will certainly have the loudest support from the stands, as the Zagreb drummers have already announced they will be out in force to give their boys additional support. 

An attractive Ožujsko fan zone has been prepared for all fans, where they can have fun in an exciting water polo environment during the tournament.

“I invite all fans to come to the pools along the Sava, at Mladost, to support the Barracudas! A week of great water polo awaits you. Come, have fun, enjoy and socialize with us!,” said Croatia captain, Ivan Krapić.

Tickets for the tournament are already on sale via ulaznice.hr, where in addition to the ticket for the tournament, fans can also buy the sought-after water polo cap.

Croatia’s coach Ivica Tucak is gathering his squad on March 5th, when they will start training and preparing for the first match of the tournament when they jump into the pool against the strong USA team.

Croatia game schedule:

Wednesday, March 8 (7 p.m.): Croatia – USA

Thursday, March 9 (6:30 p.m.): Croatia – France

Saturday, March 11 (6:30 p.m.): Italy – Croatia

Sunday, March 12 (6:30 p.m.): Croatia – Japan

Tuesday, March 14 (6:30 p.m.): Croatia – Hungary

Zagreb to be centre of world water polo in March

Croatia team:

1. Marko Bijač
2. Toni Popadić
3. Mauro Ivan Čubranić
4. Josip Vrlić
5. Ivan Krapić
6. Goran Grgurević
7. Antonio Dužević
8. Rino Burić
9. Matias Biljaka
10. Marko Žuvela
11. Luka Bukić
12. Loren Fatović
13. Jerko Marinić Kragić
14. Franko Lazić
15. Konstantin Kharkov
16. Andrija Bašić
17. Filip Kržić
18. Hrvoje Benić
19. Zvonimir Butić


Ivica Tucak
Zoran Bajić
Jure Marelja
Pero Kuterovac
Renco Posinković
Damir Luketić
Zlatko Kercel 

More details can be found on the Croatian Water Polo Federation website here.

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