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Zagreb Time Machine: A Romantic Journey into the Croatian Capital’s Rich Past

Zagreb Time Machine (Photo: H. Pilic/Zagreb Tourist Board)

From April to October you can travel in seconds into Zagreb’s rich past thanks to the Zagreb Time Machine.

The Zagreb Time Machine this year will take us once again, from April to October, thanks to a range of events in the heart of the city, into the city’s rich past and its customs.

(Photo: M. Vrdoljak/Zagreb Tourist Board)

The heroes of tales told long ago will pass by you on the streets of Gornji grad; characters from legends and real people too – ordinary people and famous greats who shaped Zagreb’s past. We will be able to meet, for example, Marija Jurić Zagorka, the first female journalist in Croatia, a decided feminist and writer, as well as Antun Gustav Matoš, a poet, novelist, author of feuilletons, essayist and travel writer.

(Photo: H. Pilic/Zagreb Tourist Board)

The coal porters will sell newspapers; the postman will blow his horn; and Dora and Pavle, Zagreb’s Romeo and Juliet, will tell us their unhappy love story. The Illyrians will tell us about their cultural movement, the Knights of the Order of the Silver Dragon will present their skills… All this and much more in the Zagreb Time Machine.

(Photo: M. Vrdoljak/Zagreb Tourist Board)

On Trg ban Jelačić learn how Manduševac earned its name. In the Music Pavilion on Zrinjevac, which dates back to 1891, the sounds of waltzes and marches, operettas and evergreen songs await you and you can enjoy an old-fashioned dance.

(Photo: H. Pilic/Zagreb Tourist Board)

At the Belvedere in the Maksimir park you can enjoy waltzes, polkas, chanson and the most beautiful opera arias. Folklore troupes will demonstrate the customs of Zagreb’s surroundings at locations throughout the city centre. There are street musicians, the sellers on Dolac, chanson singers and the Changing of the Guard of the Honorary Company of the Cravat Regiment.

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