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Zagreb Startup Attracts $1.25 Million

CroatiaZagreb software startup company Repsly, who specialise in managing field activity for companies, have attracted 1.25 million USD worth of investment as it announces a shift to a new headquarters in Boston...

Founded in 2010, Repsly today have over 200 clients in 40 countries with a total of 2,200 users. Some of Repsly’s clients include global giants Nike Golf, L’Oreal, Phillips and Kia. Repsly’s software allows companies to manage and analyse performance in the field such as product sales and service delivery. Among those who have invested in the successful Croatian startup include, Launchpad Venture Group from Boston, and First Beverage Venture Group. Repsly say that they will use the cash injection to expand their marketing operations and plan to develop and grow their team in Zagreb, despite moving part of the business to Boston.

“We look forward to becoming a member of Repsly, not only because of the great influence which they have on businesses that sell food and drinks, but also because it can be used in all types of field activities,” said new investors First Beverage Venture Group. (pic: Repsly)

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