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Zagreb Police Reveal the More Bizarre Call Outs

CroatiaThe head of Zagreb Police Goran Burušić has made a plea to the citizens of the Croatian capital to stop making unnecessary calls to the police, as he revealed some of the more bizarre calls out of the 94,693 calls they received last year…

Burušić says that around a third of the calls made to police in 2013 were unfounded, with some more time-wasting than others. Some of the more unusual calls included a man calling police to tell them his wife was next door cheating on him with the neighbour, and for them to bring her home. Another caller phoned to say he was getting bad reception on his television set, whilst one caller from outside a hairdressers salon phoned to say someone had thrown a banana skin on the ground and not in the bin. Cats are another favourite, with calls ranging from stuck cats in containers, to ‘killer’ cats next door. Other calls ranged from complaints about smelly cheese, to corn cobs being through out of car windows.

Burušić warned citizens that those wasting police time could face punishment as police were obliged to go to the scene of all reported incidents.

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