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Zagreb Park Gets its Own Beer

Art Park Beer

Summer Art Park, which is located between Tomić street and Strossmayer promenade in the heart of downtown Zagreb and has just opened again for another edition, now has its own beer.

A partnership between Medvedgrad brewery and Pimp my Pump, who are behind the Art Park project, has resulted in a special edition beer being produced – Art Park Beer.

The Art Park Beer label Piva is designed by Pimp my Pump, who wanted to reflect the good atmosphere and positive energy of Zagreb’s Art Park, and to remain consistent with the original vision that Medvedgrad has created for its products.

Art Park Beer

“Medvedgrad brewery has a project ‘Good Spirit of Zagreb’, which we want to support humanitarian action, especially those who, with their talent and effort, change the city for the better. Last year, Art Park was one of the most popular city events, and this year we decided to go a step further and we made beer for Art Park. Bare and the team made the label perfectly, we done our part with the beer and I must say that we are all thrilled with the result, “said Ivan Nauković, marketing manager of Pivovar Medvedgrad.

Zagreb Art Park

(photos: Hrvoje Zakula)


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