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Zagreb festival of yarn and textile techniques on October 1st

The second Zagreb festival of yarn and textile techniques will be held on Saturday, October 1st, 2022, in Studentski Centar. 

On Saturday, October 1st, 2022 in Studentski Centar, Savska cesta 25, in Zagreb, you can visit the Zagreb Yarn Craft Fest, the second Zagreb festival of yarn and textile techniques. 

The organizers of the festival are a team of creative enthusiasts and knitters from Masala and O’pleti by Adriana Meglaj. 

At this festival of traditional and modern textile techniques you can attend presentations, lectures, and, of course, various creative workshops ranging from beginners to more advanced knitters, and, for the first time this year, also for youngest knitters (children and young adults). 


Čipka na drot (Photo: ZAGREB YARN CRAFT FEST)

Daniela Stilin is the owner of the fantastic brand Stilin Designs and makes handicrafts using the macrame technique, knitting, and embroidery. At the festival, she will pass on her knowledge of making macrame wall hanging for beginners. 


Stilin designs -macrame wall decor (Photo: ZAGREB YARN CRAFT FEST)

Craft Yarn Council certified knitting and crochet teacher, Adriana Meglaj, will guide you to various levels of knitting in two workshops; The Secrets of Knitted Lace is designed for advanced knitters, whereas Everything you wanted to ask about knitting, but you had no one to ask is a free Q&A for both beginners and experts. 


Knitted lace (Photo: ZAGREB YARN CRAFT FEST)

Felting is a specific technique that has been practiced for a long time by the artist Diana Botica. Diana will lead the Felt Christmas Baubles Workshop! 

This year, Croatian Craftsmen’s Cultural Art Society (HORKUD) “Golub” Bjelovar from Bjelovar celebrated its 135th anniversary. Their Section for Traditional Textile Handicrafts will present their work and hold a very unique free lace workshop – Čipka na drot, technique of crocheting using a metal holder without a template. 


Čipka na drot (Photo: ZAGREB YARN CRAFT FEST)

The Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage placed this almost forgotten technique under preventive protection, and the members of the  HORKUD have recently found it and reconstructed it.
Visitors to the ZYCF will get to know this exceptional cultural heritage and revive it in a free workshop. The prerequisite for participation in Čipka na drot is knowledge of crocheting. 

This year, our youngest visitors will also have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and have a good time. 

Romi Paleček is only 14 years old but is a big fan of crocheting which was taught to her by her mother Borka. She will hold an excellent workshop Basics of Crocheting for children and young adults, intended for the participants from 9 to 16 years of age. 


Weaving on children’s loom (Photo: ZAGREB YARN CRAFT FEST)

Throughout the day, NP KRKA will hold a series of free children’s workshops on the topic of weaving, “Apron – thread by thread” (recommended age: 4 – 10):
• Making of a woven decoration 
• Paper weaving – 3R
• Weaving on a children’s loom 

During the breaks, visitors will be able to try their hand at the basics of weaving and watch a presentation on wool combing and spinning. There will also be an opportunity to hear a Lecture on the tradition of weaving in the areas around the Krka River. 

Find all the details about the festival at www.zagrebyarncraftfest.com 

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