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Zagreb Cathedral exhibition set up in the city’s library

(Photo credit: Suradnik13/CC license)

ZAGREB, June 1 (Hina) – An exhibition on the Zagreb Cathedral was set up in the Zagreb City Library auditorium on the occasion of Zagreb City Day in an effort to draw attention to the importance of this edifice and to inform about the damage it suffered in earthquakes in 1880 and on March 22 this year. 

The exhibition, designed by Dubravka Petek, the head of the Zagreb department in the City Library, consists of six posters that portray the history of Zagreb’s cathedral and its architects but also the symbolic role that building had during the two strong earthquakes that struck Croatia’s capital city.

It is interesting to notice that after the 1880 earthquake, many architectural proposals were considered to be controversial and today too a debate is going on regarding the reconstruction of its steeples which were destroyed in the March 22 quake. It took Herman Bolle, the chief architect for the reconstruction in 1880, twenty years to complete the cathedral’s reconstruction.

The exhibition was presented on May 27 and as Petek underscored, a selection of books and graphic designs supporting the exhibition is intended to draw attention to the importance of the cathedral for the country’s capital.

(Photo: M.Vrdoljak/Zagreb TZ)

The exhibition also points out the importance of reconstructing the cathedral which suffered severe damage in the March 22 earthquake, similar to its importance in the quake 140 years ago.

The exhibition will be also accessible online, Petek explained.

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