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Zagreb as a Business Travel Destination

Zagreb (photo credit: Julien Duval/ZTB)

Zagreb (photo credit: Julien Duval/ZTB)

The Croatian capital indeed is the ideal destination for all sorts of business gatherings. Zagreb frequently hosts conferences, meetups and seminars on a wide range of business areas and topics…

Some of the popular events repeatedly occurring in Zagreb include: Mobility Day – the leading ICT and business conference in South East Europe, Zagreb Connect – a conference dedicated to startups, Marketing Kingdom – one of the world’s fastest growing marketing events and Zagreb Forum – an international conference dedicated to alternative approaches in the development of cities and regions.

Another event that is worth mentioning is Business Cafe – one of the most popular business networking events regularly taking place in Zagreb, where people (mostly entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs) meet their new business partners and friends. The idea for this event was inspired by data that 57% of all business in Croatia is negotiated over coffee.

Business and pleasure – two sides of the same coin

So, there you have it – even the statistics show how interconnected the two realms are in Croatia. While in Zagreb, you will be able to take your business to the next level, invest in your career or expertise, ramp-up your resume and make the most out of the vast offering of networking opportunities…and still enjoy the perks of a Mediterranean rhythm of life. Zagreb has managed to successfully blend the best of both worlds.

Choose the venue for your business coffee and then go sightseeing

The old city centre with its rich historical and cultural heritage is teeming with cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. The vibrant atmosphere at Dolac, one of the Europe’s most lively outdoor markets adds up to the experience.
Zagreb boasts a wide variety of leisure happenings all around the city and especially at the central city square – Ban Jelačić Square and the streets surrounding it. This is the area of Donji grad (Lower Town). Despite being a more modern city area, Donji grad includes significant historic buildings such as The Museum of Mimara and The Croatian National Theatre.

Ban Jelačić Square (photo: Sandra Tralic)

Ban Jelačić Square (photo: Sandra Tralic)

The medieval Gornji grad (Upper Town) never fails to amaze visitors. Cobblestone streets, historic buildings and Zagreb’s most visited tourist attractions including the Cathedral and Parliament… St. Mark’s Church is especially interesting for its roof depicting the coats of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Zagreb City.

Make sure you pass through the Stone Gate (Kamenita vrata) – the only remaining gate out of four that once connected Lower town to Upper town. The Stone Gate famously survived a fire in 1731 together with the painting of Mary and Jesus. Today, this is a chapel where people take a moment to light a candle and say their prayers. It is a place of highest reverence offering a moment of pure peace and serenity.

Experience a stunning panoramic view of Zagreb from the Lotrščak Tower (Kula Lotrščak) which dates back to the 13th century. In the 19th century, a cannon was placed on its roof, which has since been fired every day at noon.

The entire area of Gornji grad becomes particularly romantic in the evening, when street lamps turn on. It is not just about the mystical outdoor atmosphere; as the night approaches, you can really feel into the countless legends and stories.

When the ”beat of the street” becomes too much after a long day charged with activity, visit some of the most beautiful green areas in Zagreb like Maksimir Park to unwind. This amazing park is designed in the style of an old English garden and includes a zoo.

Maksimir park

Maksimir park (photo credit/hoteldubovnik.hr)

If, however, you would like to relax in a more active manner, check out Zagreb’s many recreational areas. Lake Jarun, which is formed by the Sava River, is especially popular leisure venue where people can row, paddle, sail, surf, swim, jog, bike, roller skate, and skateboard.

photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

Don’t forget to suit the palate

Get to know the exquisite Zagreb cuisine which has roots in the Austro Hungarian tradition and offers a variety of enjoyable dishes. Savour traditional delicacies which come in so many variations.

Try Zagreb’s famous turkey with mlinci (a variety of pasta) or treat yourself with popular štrukli. Taste the refreshing combination of cottage cheese and sour cream, or spice things up with traditional češnjovke (garlic sausages) or krvavice (blood sausages).



Find out more about the wide spectrum of Zagreb’s gastronomy here.

To discover some amazing restaurants in Zagreb, check out this list.

Where to stay

A vast variety of hotels, hostels and apartment rentals in Zagreb enables you to easily find and arrange accommodation that will suit your budget and other preferences. Many of Zagreb’s hotels are actually located around the centre so managing your way through the city will not be a problem.

Since you are travelling for business the recommended hotel would be Aristos – hotel close to Zagreb airport. The hotel Aristos is adjusted for business travelers. However, if you prefer the center of the city there are plenty other good hotels in center. Definitely check AirBnB for business travelers.


Why is Zagreb so interesting to business travellers?

One of the strongest reasons that Croatian capital is popular among business travellers is that, year after year, the number of conferences and other business-related events continues to increase.

Zagreb is only two hours’ drive from the northern Adriatic coast, which makes it easy and convenient for any traveller (including those traveling on business) to make the most of their stay in Croatia and experience the authentic beauties of the Mediterranean.

This charming city has a longstanding tourist tradition and it has been recognized for its uniqueness worldwide. On December 11, 2015, Zagreb has won the title of Best Christmas Market 2016.

The city is teeming with business opportunities that promote and welcome serious hustle and somehow manages to balance that with ”seizing the day”. Give it a chance to sweep you off your feet and you might find empowering inspiration to take your business and career to the next level while enjoying all the benefits of a dynamic Mediterranean-style daily life.

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