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Zagreb Airport Prices Already on the Up

ZagrebFrench consortium ZAIC (Zagreb Airport International Company), who were granted a 30-year concession to build and manage a new passenger terminal at Zagreb’s Pleso airport in Croatia’s capital, are expected to complete construction ahead of schedule…

Whilst construction is progressing at speed, as too are the hike in prices. For the second time since the French consortium took over control of Zagreb Airport parking prices have risen. This week the price of parking increased by up to 9 kuna (1.17 euro) an hour. Motorists will now be forced to pay 27 kuna (3.50 euros), up from 18 kuna, an hour in the parking lots closest to the terminal.


P1 & P3 now 27 kuna an hour, P2 19 kuna an hour up from 13 kuna

Soon after ZAIC took over budget airline easyJet announced that they would no longer be flying into Zagreb after the new owners raised airport fees.

Construction on the new terminal, which features eight air bridges with an ability to accommodate a capacity of five million passengers per year, started last May and is expected to be complete next year. (photo / zagreb-airport.hr)

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