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Young Croatians From Abroad Maintaining Natural & Cultural Treasures in Šibenik

Dozens of people from Croatian communities around the world are currently volunteering in Šibenik to help maintain natural and cultural treasures of Croatia…

This year the Croatian Heritage Foundation with the help of the Environmental protection and energy efficiency fund organized the 25th annual international project Eco Heritage Task Force (EHTF). This year’s project is hosted by the city of Šibenik and the National park Krka, with the cooperation of the tourist boards from the town of Šibenik and the Šibenik-Knin county.

There are about 40 young Croatians and their friends taking part in the project from around the world including Hungary, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Slovakia, Ireland, Romania and Slovenia.

Beginning on the 24 July 2016 and ending on 13 August 2016, the youngsters will make lifetime connections, volunteer, take part in creative workshops, but most importantly connect with the region they’re staying in. The goal of this project is to maintain the natural and cultural treasures of Croatia, as it was on all the previous EHTF projects.


The location of this year’s project is the historical Croatian city of Šibenik which is celebrating it’s 950th birthday this year. The participants are divided into two groups. The first is in charge of maintaining the national heritage fort of St. Michael in Šibenik while the other group participates in the archeological research and the maintaining of the beauty of NP krka.

Apart from the hard work and the effort put into the maintenance of the mentioned cultural landmarks, there are many social and educational activities. As always, this year there is a course of the Croatian language for those who want to learn or improve their knowledge of Croatian, a media workshop and a drama-movie workshop where an amateur film is being filmed for the third year in a row.

“By making new connections, conversating and working for our beautiful country we expand the cultural borders of Croatia. Therefore, this year’s Task Force will not be an exception in achieving those goals,” one of the volunteers told Croatia Week.

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