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Young Croatian Priest making a big difference in Kenya

It’s a long way from Croatia to the small village of Subukia in Kenya. But, that’s where you will find Father Miroslav Babic (37), the young Croatian priest making a big difference to lives of so many with his dedicated team of volunteer workers, including a small group from Croatia.

The Franciscan priest, who has become somewhat of a cult hero with the local residents because of his amazing work, has already made many changes to village life.  He runs an orphanage, provides education for young children and housing for many families. The mission has been responsible for bringing running water to the village, which previously required locals to make a 14km journey by foot.

The volunteers working in Subukia spend their day helping in the orphanage, teaching orphans mathematics and English and assisting with handicapped and HIV positive children. It’s also not strange to see boys in Croatian football shirts, and to hear Croatian songs from the school children, as a small piece of Croatia is created in this little corner of Kenya

To see more about the work of Father Miroslav Babic in Kenya, watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hQuYqIg-eo&feature=related

For those who wish to support the mission in Kenya, your donations can be sent to:

Registered office:NAKURU BRANCH 
Account/IBAN of the Beneficiary: 22120026545200

Bank’s address:P.O.BOX 2982, NAKURU (20100) KENYA 
Bank’s registred office: NAKURU BRANCH CODE 11006 
Bank’s country:KENYA

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