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Yachties Pumping 100 Euros A Day Into Croatian Economy

Yachties spent on average 100 euros per day in Croatia last year. The average spend of those who chartered sailing boats (161 euro per day, which included yacht rental and skippers) was twice as much as the average daily spend of other yachties (68 euros per day), reports Poslovni dnevnik.

The biggest spenders when it came to chartering were the French, Russians and Brits, whilst the Italians topped the list amongst other yachties, according to reports from the Tomas Sailing Jahting 2012 Institute for Tourism.

When comparing the institutes previous data, the average spend of charter yacht users was down 6% from 2007, just before the global economic crisis hit. The institutes research included 25 marinas from Umag on the northern Adriatic to Dubrovnik in the south.

The average yachtie in Croatia is 45-years-old, has some form of higher education, and every second yachtie comes from a household with a monthly income of more than 3,500 euros. The most faithful yachties who keep returning to Croatia are the Slovenes and Austrians, followed by the Swede, Brits and French.

46% of yachties come to Croatia as a destination because of previous experience, 29% from information seen on the internet, 24% from referrals from friends or family and 4% from trade fairs.

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