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World’s Longest Sarma Cooked in Varaždin

World’s longest sarma cooked today in Vidovec (Photo: Vjeran Zganec-Rogulja/PIXSELL)

The 20th edition of the popular Zeljarijada festival in Vidovec in the northern Croatian Varaždin County this weekend has seen another world record sarma prepared.

There has been a tradition at the 3-day cultural and food festival to cook the world’s longest sarma ever since 2008 when a Zeljarijada sarma officially entered the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sarma in the world.

Every year since then they have gone one better and made it longer every time. This weekend it was no different and at the 20th Zeljarijada festival, a gigantic 1,320-metre sarma was made, which is now the longest in the world.

A team of 22 cooks were responsible for producing the tasty minced-meat stuffed rolled cabbage leaves this year.

The 1.3 km sarma at Zeljarijada (Photo: Vjeran Zganec-Rogulja/PIXSELL)

So what was used to make the gigantic sarma? Among other bits and pieces there were 1,200 pieces of cabbage, 300 kilograms of boneless beef, 410 kilograms of boneless pork, 55 kilograms of bacon, 75 kilograms of dried ribs, 75 kilograms of dried sausages, 105 kilograms of rice, 14 kilograms of vegeta, 70 kilograms of onions, 12 kilograms of salt, 2 kilograms of pepper, 700 eggs, 4.5 kilograms of garlic, 40 litres of oil and a lot of tomato concentrate.

Sarma (Photo credit: Visit Sinj)

More than 10,000 people visited the festival this year.

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