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World’s Leading Ride-Sharing Platform Now Available in Croatia

bbBlaBlaCar, the world’s largest ride-sharing platform, is to expand into Croatia after acquiring Hungarian Autohop, the leading ride-sharing service in Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Serbia…

BlaBlaCar, just as Autohop does, connects drivers with empty seats and people travelling the same way to cut costs. People can post when and where they are going, and others who are also going in the same direction can then sign up to share rides. The driver of the car posts a price per seat and people wanting to hitch a ride must pay up front, with BlaBlaCar taking a small cut of each trip.

BlaBlaCar has around 10 million members in 18 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, India, Poland, Portugal, UK, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Spain. BlaBlaCar is available by mobile app for android and iPhones. Found out how BlaBlaCar works in the short video below.


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