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World’s Largest Catalogue Helps Promote the Town of Knin

LuxThe programme to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Operation Storm in Knin has started already with an exhibition of “Irresistible Croatia” at the Knin Museum in Knin fortress…

“Irresistible Croatia”, which weighs 70 kilograms, is 170 centimetres tall, 130 centimetres wide with over 900 square metres of paper and 380 pages, is the world’s largest catalogue and features information about Croatia’s culture, economy and tourism from local experts, accompanied by a host of top class photographs showcasing Croatia’s natural and historical beauties.


The exhibition, which was the result of the first collaboration between the Knin Museum and the Tourist Board of Knin in promoting the town, was presented by the catalogue’s author Sunčana Matić, along with the photo exhibition “Pogled na zavičaj” by author Željko Krnčević. The exhibitions were accompanied by the music of the group “”Kninske golubice”.


“Kninske golubice”

Knin has received 25 million euros from EU funds as part of the implementation of the Programme of integrated physical, economic and social regeneration of the pilot areas of small towns which were affected during the war. The funds will be used to revive and regulate the Knin fortress, the old town and the Krka river, and also for the construction of an innovation center and laboratory at the Polytechnic where students of agricultural majors and food technology can create and test business projects.

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