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World’s Biggest Wine Drinking Nations – How Does Croatia Compete?

wine (2)Croatians are renowned for being a people who don’t need their arms twisted to have a glass of wine, but how do they fare on the world scale when it comes to wine consumption per capita?…

Croatia proudly sits in 6th place in the world, drinking more than 42 litres per person in 2012, according to a recent study by the Wine Institute. Not surprisingly Europe dominated the list, with the Vatican City the greatest wine consumers in the world with nearly 74 liters, about 98 standard 750 mL bottles,  consumed per person in 2012.

Top 10 Wine Consuming Nations in the World – L (per capita)
1. Vatican City – 73.78
2. Andorra – 46.41
3. France – 44.19
4. St. Pierre & Miquelon – 43.57
5. Slovenia – 43.27
6. CROATIA – 42.59
7. Macedonia – 41.54
8. Portugal – 40.93
9. Switzerland – 40.44
10. Norfolk Island – 39.9

Europe dominates the wine consumption map (pic: Business Insider)

Europe dominates the wine consumption map (pic: Business Insider)

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