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World Record Seeker for ‘Fastest Person to Visit All Sovereign Nations’ Makes it to Croatia


Cassandra De Pecol of Los Angeles, CA is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Person to Visit All Sovereign Nations” by venturing to each of the 196 sovereign states in less than 3 years, and she arrives in Croatia this week…

The current record is 3 years, 3 months, and 6 days set by Yili Liu of Ann Arbor, MI in 2010.

Cassandra is currently in Europe on the second leg of her journey and will be in Zagreb this week. By attempting this Expedition, De Pecol will be the Fastest Person and Only Female to try to break this record for world travel. In 86 Nations, she will be meeting with Skal Presidents and Ministers of Tourism in a localized event with students to present to the Leader, a ‘Declaration of Peace’, as well as engage the students in an open conversation about cultivating Peace Through Tourism through promoting the Hashtag #PeaceThroughTourism.

De Pecol is also offsetting her carbon footprint as she travels by planting the national tree of countries where she meets with leaders. Depending on the amount of carbon emitted from her travels to get there, she will plant the amount of trees accordingly, promoting Sustainable Tourism.

She officially announced and departed on the Expedition from the 2015 World Domination Summit in Portland, OR, an annual convention of world travelers and adventure-enthusiasts on July 12th, 2015, and departed soon thereafter.


This year, De Pecol has raised funds for this Expedition via personal savings, public/private sponsorships, networking, and the use of crowd funding. To date, she has acquired many international sponsors such as New Zealand Air, AIG Insurance, Clif Bar and others who are featured on her website, www.expedition196.com and her Facebook page, Expedition 196. Her plan is to visit each country as a Peace Ambassador of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) in effort to meet with leaders and raise awareness for World Peace.

She is posting frequent live updates via social media and will also film a documentary entitled Expedition 196 to raise awareness of World Peace among the Sovereign Nations.

“My dream is to inspire those to lead the life they want for themselves and others,” stated Cassandra De Pecol, Explorer & Producer of Expedition 196. “The best way I know to do that is to travel the world and meet with leaders who can help me raise awareness. Unfortunately, some do not pursue their dreams out of fear; fear of finances, fear of failure, or fear of the unknown. I have fears too, but I use those fears as motivation rather than an excuse.”

Since 2009, Cassandra has traveled to 60 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia with only a few dollars in her pocket. This is her way of leading and she hopes she can inspire others to do the same. Having already travelled 32,000 plus miles visiting a 33 countries on this trip alone, she has documented an impressive array of photos, news articles, new friends and experiences all captured on her Facebook page, Expedition 196.

For more information on Cassandra De Pecol, or to become a sponsor, you can visit www.Expedition196.com.

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