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Wines from the Komarna appellation arrive in the United States 

(Photo: Croatian Premium Wine Imports)

BOSTON, 27 June 2019 – When a partnership is formed based on trust, things move fast. The Komarna Seven Cooperative, from the Dubrovnik County has formed a partnership with the Boston-based Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc. earlier this year.  And, the wines are already in the States.

“When the wine container left the Neretva valley, we knew it would be here in June, but didn’t know when, and it is a great sign that the wines cleared customs on the Croatian Statehood day,” said Win Burke, CEO of Croatian Premium Wine Import, Inc. “The first shipment includes wines from Rizman, Terra Madre and Volarevic wineries, and we are looking forward to adding wines from others in the future shipments.”

First shipment arrives in Boston (Photo: Croatian Premium Wine Import)

CPWI, incorporated in January, obtained importing and distribution licenses for the US and Massachusetts, and organized the first shipment of wine to the US within a few months. 

The Komarna winegrowing area was planted in 2008, and in April 2013 received its official designation as the Komarna Appellation. It consists of seven wineries which have created a cooperative called K7, The Komarna Seven. The wineries have a rarely-seen collaborative approach to working together on all elements of wine production, including jointly installing the weather station, collaborating on irrigation, and other segments of the wine business, including now distribution to the US.

“I am delighted we became partners with the CPWI team to import and distribute the K7 wines,” said Mihovil Stimac, Chairman of the K7 Cooperative. “I am confident that with the quality of our winemaking and their business skills and deep Croatian roots and knowledge, the CPWI team will be successful in showcasing Komarna’s wines to the wine aficionados in the States, and we look forward to a long partnership.”

(Photo: Croatian Premium Wine Imports)

Based in Boston, Mass., CPWI imports, distributes and promotes boutique Croatian wines in the US.  Currently representing wineries from the Dubrovnik county in Dalmatia, including all seven wineries in the Komarna region, the K7 Cooperative, we continue to expand our portfolio of boutique wines that provide the high-quality taste of Croatia, including Plavac Mali, Zinfandel and Posip.  

For more information or inquiries, visit https://www.croatianpremiumwine.com/, contact us them at: [email protected] and follow them on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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