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‘Willkommen’: Number of Croats Emigrating to Germany Doubles in 12 Months

GermanyThe number of Croats to emigrate to Germany has doubled in one year…

In 2013 25,200 people from Croatia left to live in Germany, a migration report released from the Germany government yesterday revealed.

The number was a big increase from the year prior, when 12,944 Croatian citizens arrived there. Although Croatians can not freely migrate to Germany, it become a lot less restrictive when Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union, and that is seen as one of the reasons for the spike. From 2013 a working visa for seasonal work in Germany is no longer required for Croatians. 350,000 people jobless with an unemployment rate hovering around 20% is however the main factor.

72% of those to move to Germany were male, the report said, but there were no details on the education of those migrating. Croatians have been migrating to Germany for decades, particularly in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the German government launched the formal guest worker programme (Gastarbeiterprogramm). (photo / deutschland.yakohl)

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