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Which Foreigners Are Buying The Most Property In Croatia?

In the 3-year period between the start of 2010 and the end of 2012, 13,883 properties were purchased in Croatia by foreigners, according to data from the Croatian Ministry of Finance.

The number of transactions has been tapering off however each year, in 2010 there were 5,445 properties bought, 5,087 in 2011 and 3,351 last year.

Slovenes are still the biggest buyers of real estate among foreigners, purchasing 1,287 homes in 2012. The Germans are next with 489, followed by the Italians with 389 and the Austrians with 318. The Swedes were next, interesting they were the only group whose levels of buying real estate have not varied in the last year years.

Hungarians were next on the list, buying 100 properties last year, then the Czechs with 99, the Slovaks with 88, the Dutch with 69, Britons 64, the French with 61, the Poles with 49, Belgians with 46, Norwegians 45, Danes 30 and Irish 10. Citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina only purchased 5 properties in 2012, reports Poslovni dnevnik.

Other groups to make the list last year include Greeks, Estonians, Romanians, New Zealanders and a couple from Ghana. There were no buyers from Israel or Russia on the list. The Russians, when they do purchase real estate in Croatia, traditionally buy it through a company they have opened in Croatia, therefore they are not treated as foreign buyers according to the Ministry of Finance.

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