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Which Countries Do Croats Most Go to Study in?

According to UNESCO statistics, a total of 6,861 Croatian students enrolled in degree programmes at universities abroad in 2009. Out of the total number of students who departed to study, 80% enrolled in degree programs in the European Union. The largest number of Croatian students were (in order) in Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and the United States, reports portal poslovni.hr.

Based on the above data, UNESCO says that the outgoing student mobility rate (outbound mobility ratio) in Croatia is above average at 4.93%. In Europe, mainly countries from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, and also such nations as Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Norway are above the average outgoing mobility rate. The rate of outgoing mobility is high in countries such as Montenegro (18%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (12%) and Bulgaria (8.6%), while the rate is very low in the United Kingdom (0.9%) and Spain (1.22%).

Croatian students interested in studying abroad can find out more at the Scholarship Fair which is set to be held on 16 October at the National University Library in Zagreb and on 18 October at Rijeka University. The fair is organised by the Institute for the Development of Education (IRO).

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