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Where to eat the best pizza in Zagreb? Here are 9 great spots

Where to eat the best pizza in Zagreb?

Where to eat the best pizza in Zagreb?

If you are looking to grab a good pizza in the Croatian capital you will not have to search far.

Pizzerias are located all over downtown Zagreb, and also in the outer suburbs. So where to get a good pizza in the capital?

Pizza ranking is not the easiest task as individual style and taste preferences are so varied, but here is a list of 9 places where you will not be disappointed.


(Photo credit: Basta)

Address: Varšavska 5

Located in the heart of downtown Zagreb, just off Cvjetni Trg, Basta not only has great quality pizzas but also a lovely ambience. The authentic neopolitan pizza is prepared with high quality ingredients and a light, tasty dough.


Address: Duknovićeva 4

(Photo credit: Duksa)

Duksa has built up a solid reputation in town and use quality ingredients which make their pizzas delicious. If you are a fan of thin crust pizzas you will love Duksa. Generous toppings and friendly staff help too as does the ambiance.

Mrs. Fogg

Address: Ul. Karla Metikoša 2b

(Photo credit: Mrs. Fogg)

Located at over the river in Novi Zagreb, Mrs. Fogg is relatively new but has quickly established itself as one of the standout places to eat pizza in Zagreb thanks to their variety of quality toppings and exquisite dough.

Inspired by the writer Jules Verne, Mrs. Fogg is the Indian princess that Mr. Fogg fell in love with on his trip and the interior of the pizzeria reflects that.

Pizza Kod Žaca

Address: Nike Grškovića 4

(Photo credit: Pizza Kod Zaca)

Here you have the choice of which type of dough (thin or thick) and which kind of cheese (mozzarella or gouda). What makes these pizzas so tasty are that the ingredients are always of great quality and are fresh. Personally, we recommend going for the thin base option.

Franko’s Pizza & Bar

Address: Ulica Kneza Branimira 71/A, Zagreb

Croatian pizzeria makes Top 50 in Europe 2022 list

(Photo credit: Frankos Pizza &Bar)

Fermented dough, interesting ingredients and toppings, and an impressive interior are just some of the features at Franko’s Pizza & Bar. This year it was the only Croatian pizzeria to make the Top 50 in Europe 2022 list and it is not hard to see why. 

Nu Pizzeria

Address: Vojina Bakića 2

(Photo credit: Nu Pizzeria)

It is worth making the trek out of the city centre for a pizza here. Situated in Novi Zagreb (Središće), Nu Pizzeria do fabulous light Italian style pizzas topped with the freshest ingredients. Try the incuni, prosciutto with fresh tomatoes & rucola, or the Slavonska pizza and you will not be disappointed.


Address: Vukovarska 35a

(Photo credit: pizzalucas.com)

Luca’s is home to one of the best pizza maestros in Croatia. Hidden in a no-name corner of Vukovarska street, between a bank and a post-office, Luca’s offer some of the finest pizzas in town. The anchovies, cheese, and red onion calzone are probably one of the best in the country. Succulent inside, crunchy on the outside, the calzone comes with a beautiful tomato salsa on the side, and fresh salad topped with cherry tomatoes.

Zero Zero

Address: Vlaška 35

(Photo credit: Zero Zero)

Located in the very centre of Zagreb, ZeroZero’s name is derived from the special 00 flour it used when making pizzas, while the ingredients themselves are imported directly from Italy.

Karijola 1 & 2

Address: Badalićeva 18 & Vlaška 63

(Photo credit: Karijola)

One of the most famous pizza places in town, Karijola have a couple of restaurants in the capital. Their pizzas are just how pizzas should be – light, thin dough, tasty salsa, mozzarella cheese and a variety of fresh, quality ingredients. The classic margarita with buffalo mozzarella and extra olive oil is superb.

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