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Where Not to Park in Croatia’s Capital

Pauk2014 was not as busy as 2013 for the ‘spiders’ of Zagreb. 12,347 cars in Croatia’s capital were towed away because of parking offences last year, almost 2,500 less than in 2013. So where do drivers need to be extra careful when parking in Zagreb? Daily Jutarnji list have obtained data from Zagrebparking of the most ‘profitable’ streets in the capital.

1. Ulica Srebrnjak – situated just above Kvaternikov trg, this street is comfortable Zagrebparking’s cash cow. Last year a record 720 cars were towed from the street, 503 more than in 2013. The street alone banked around 50,000 euros Zagrebparking. A hospital is located nearby and the street sees a lot of traffic as a result.

2. Ulica Opatovina – the 300 metre-long street, which is located close to the famous Dolac farmers markets, saw 655 cars removed from there last year, 125 more than in 2013.

3. Ulica Vukovara – one of the longest roads in the capital saw 544 cars towed last year, nearly double the amount than in 2013 when 259 were towed.

4. Avenija Marina Držića – is the fourth most lucrative street for Zagrebparking. In 2014 there were 325 cars towed from there, 51 more than the previous year.

Zagrebparking last year issued fines to the tune of 6,173,000 kuna (800,000 euros) for towed vehicles.

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