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Where in Croatia are they Drinking the Most?

CW4It is no secret that Croats love a drop. More than 260,000 consume 3-4 drinks a day, and around 30,000 knock back at least 6 drinks daily. So whereabouts in the country are they drinking the most?…

According a recent study by the World Health Organisation, Croats and Serbs are the biggest drinkers in the region. Croats on average drink 15.1 litres of alcohol per person a year, whilst Serbs down 11.2 litres on average per person annually. Bosnians are slightly under that (9.6 litres), whilst the Albanians drink the least (6.7 litres).

In Croatia however, it is the Dalmatians who are the nation’s biggest drinkers, according to a study from the Ivo Pilar Institute, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Zagrebačka brewery in conjunction with the Croatian Public Health Institute. Istria, Croatian Primorje, Gorski Kotar was next, with Zagreb in third spot. Northern Croatia was fourth, with the Lika region just behind in fifth. According to the study, which was based on the amount of the alcohol sold in the region, Slavonians were last.

The data likely does not tell the full story, with homemade spirits and wine not factored into in to the statistics. If they were then many agree that the Slavonians would not be last.

Map: 24sata.hr

Map: 24sata.hr

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