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Where Did The Sun Go In Zagreb?

Locals in Croatia’s capital Zagreb got a surprise yesterday when they found that the sun has disappeared. No, it was not the clouds fault on a late November day, but the fault of local council workers.

Downtown Zagreb’s famous large golden sphere sculpture, known as the “Grounded Sun”, was removed on Tuesday from its proud position on the busy Bogoviceva street. Contemporary artist Ivan Kozaric created the sculpture in 1971 and it has now been taken away to be chemically treated to remove graffiti and wear and tear and to bring the shine back into the “sun”. It is expected to resume its place in the heart of Zagreb in 4 weeks time.

A little known fact is that after Kozaric had created “Grounded Sun”, artist Davor Preis came up with the idea to create metal sphere shaped monuments of all the planets of the Solar System and placed them around Zagreb’s city centre, with their sizes and distances from Kozaric’s “Grounded Sun” in exact proportion to the real solar system.

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