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Wheat Crops Down 29% This Year in Croatia

CroatiaThis year’s wheat crop in Croatia has been estimated at 710,000 tonnes, which is 29% less than last year’s crop, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) early estimates of yields of important crops in 2014…

Besides wheat, early estimates show that grain, oats and barley crops have also decreased, whilst rapeseed crops were up. Initial statistical data confirms the decline in the yield of grain this year, caused largely by adverse weather conditions and disease. After a mild winter, in March rust disease appeared on wheat crops, and the farmers’ associations warned then that yields of wheat warned that crops could be effected as some producers did not carry out the necessary spraying or they do only sprayed once.

According to CBS data, wheat was sown on 165,000 hectares, and the expected yield is 4.3 tonnes per hectare, or 710 thousand tonnes, 29% less than last year. Barley was sown on an area of ​​50,000 hectares, and it is estimated that the yield per hectare will be 3.4 tonnes, or 170 thousand tonnes, which is 16% less than last year. It is estimated that the yield of oats has decreased by 5% to 57,000 tonnes, whilst rapeseed crops was up 5%.

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