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What’s More Expensive on Supermarket Shelves?

CroatiaAccording to research on monthly supermarket trends in the Croatian capital conducted by portal supermarketi.info, food prices on the shelves in Zagreb have started to show some signs of decline…

Analysis of prices on an annual basis shows that the relationship ratio between trends of price increases, relative to price cuts is now 49:9 (49 items more expensive, 9 less), compared to the 60:6 ration in September. The items which saw the most obvious price increases were zucchini’s, which rose on average 60.45%, and cucumbers, which were more expensive compared to in October by an average of 49.61%. Items that saw price drops were oranges (on average 36.77%), cabbage (an average of 46.39%) and garlic (an average of 38.96%).

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