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What Were The Most Popular Baby Names In Croatia In 2012?

The most popular names given to babies in 2012 in Croatia has not seen much change from previous years. Amongst girls names, Ema, Lana and Lucija remain very popular, whilst Luka, for the third year in row, is the most popular boys name in Croatia.

In the capital Zagreb, Lucija was the most common name given to girls in 2012, followed by: Mia, Ana, Lana, Sara, Nika, Ema and Lara. Popular names were also: Dora, Eva, Klara, Jana, Magdalena, Helena, Hana and Nina.

Luka was again the dominant boys name, followed by: Ivan, Marko, Jakov, David, Filip, Josip, Karlo and Petar.

In the Dalmatian city of Split, the most popular girls names registered in the births office this year were: Lucija, Lana, Marta, Mia, Petra, Laura and Ana, whilst for new-born boys they were: Luka, Ivan, Marko, Ante, Josip and Roko.

The of the more unusual names given in Croatia in 2012 include: Gaia, Kipo Lovre, Lasta, Lenox, Natanael Bartolomej, Elon, Prince Noa, Sai, Vamana, Pio Josip, Kai, Nuh, Olti, Zen, Zoak and Zorba.

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