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What kind of summer will it be in Croatia? Long-range forecast released


Summer is almost here, and the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) has released its long-range forecast for the season. The forecast gives us an idea of what the weather will be like in Croatia during the summer months.

May has been a rainy month, so people are curious about what the weather will be like in the coming months in terms of both rainfall and temperature. 

According to the forecast, this summer, which officially started on June 1st, will be hotter than usual. There is a high chance that this forecast will be accurate, especially along the Adriatic coast.

The forecast suggests that temperatures will be higher than average throughout the summer, and this is more likely to occur along the Adriatic coast, particularly in June and August. This means that both daytime and nighttime temperatures will deviate from the average, possibly by a significant margin, according to Croatian meteorologists.

While it is still possible for heatwaves to occur during the summer, it is difficult to predict their duration or timing for the entire season. 

It is therefore important to regularly check official weather forecasts, especially for shorter periods of up to a week, as they may include heat warnings. 

Even though the forecast predicts warmer weather than usual, there is still a chance of cold air outbreaks or brief periods of temperatures that are around or even lower than what is typical for the summer months.

Predicting precipitation is more challenging than forecasting temperature, especially on a seasonal scale, so the reliability of the forecast is lower. Based on the available data, the overall seasonal precipitation is expected to be around the average, with a moderate chance of this prediction being accurate.

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There are indications that some areas may experience higher rainfall than the monthly average in July, and possibly even in June. 

Due to the convective nature of precipitation during the warm part of the year and local factors like geography and proximity to the sea, rainfall is likely to be unevenly distributed. In certain areas, a significant amount of rainfall can occur in a single shower, equivalent to a weekly or even monthly average in some parts of Dalmatia, where summer rainfall is relatively low, ranging from 20 to 30 mm.

On the other hand, some areas may experience extended periods without rainfall lasting several weeks. To stay informed about such events during the summer, it is advisable to follow one or two-day weather forecasts and severe weather warnings.

In August, there is a possibility of less rainfall, but that doesn’t rule out the occurrence of local showers, as noted by the DHMZ.




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