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What Food Items Will Cost Less And More When Croatia Joins EU?

Some Croatian products, such as chocolate, water, ice-cream, and cold meat cuts, are expected to drop in price when Croatia enters the EU, as they will be under pressure from the increased competition of foreign brands. The price of prsut, long-lasting milk, yoghurt, tea and coffee however, is likely to rise, according to a study by consulting firm AT Kearney, based on a comparison of prices of 19 food items in Croatia with prices in Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

In the group of domestic products to be “attacked” by foreign products include, carbonated natural water, which is expected to become markedly cheaper once Croatia becomes an EU member, and foreign salami, yogurt and chicken frankfurters, which are already cheaper now than domestic brands, will increase their profitability and invest more in the growth of market share as removal of tariffs and other import costs come in to play.

By joining the EU, Croatia will cease to be part of CEFTA, which set certain barriers against other European states, but this AT Kearney say will have less effect on Croatian producers than it will on big players from the EU market, reported Croatian radiotelevision.

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