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What Are The Highest Paid Professions In Croatia?

The Central Bureau of Statistics has released this week a list of the highest paid professions in Croatia. In first place are marketing professionals, with an average net monthly pay in January of 10,377 kuna (1,360 euros).

In second place are those who work in the air traffic industry, with an average net monthly pay in January of 10,108 (1310 euros). Mine workers were in third place (1,250 euros), followed by computer programmers (1,150 euros), natural gas and crude oil extractors (1,100 euros), banking and finance (insurance and pension funds) (1,080 euros) and telecommunications (1,080 euros per month).

The average net monthly wage in Croatia in January 2013 was 5,529 kuna (726 euros), which was 1.2 percent more than in January 2012. However, when inflation is factored into the equation the real wage is actually 3.8 percent less than January 2012.

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