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Warmest Ever April Day Recorded in Dubrovnik on Sunday

Dubrovnik (Photo credit: Bracodbk under CC)

The warmest ever temperature in the popular Croatian tourist city of Dubrovnik in the month of April was recorded today.

According to the Croatian State Met Office, at 3 pm in Dubrovnik temperatures rose to 30.2°C on Sunday, the highest since temperatures were measured, Neverin.hr reported.

Today was the first time that temperatures reached 30.°C in April in Dubrovnik. The previous record was set on 22 April 2000 when temperatures hit 26.3°C.

Whilst only last month the city experienced snow, spring arrived with warm temperatures this weekend with some locals heading to the beach to open the swimming season. Whilst the air temperature was summer-like, the sea was still crisp and measured 16°C on Sunday.

On Saturday the forecast was for 27°C today but that was exceeded by a few degrees.

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A number of weather records had been broken in Croatia over the last year. Last year the warmest ever March day was recorded in Zagreb – 22°C – which was the warmest March day in the capital since measurements were introduced in 1881.

Last August at Split Airport in Kaštel Štafilić temperatures hit 42.3°C, which was the highest temperature in all of Europe for that day.

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