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War Veterans Protest Enters 8th Day

CroatiaOvernight temperatures hovering just a few degrees above zero have not deterred a group of war veterans who have been staging a sit-in protest in front of the War Veterans’ Affairs Ministry in Zagreb for the last eight days…

The veterans from Croatia’s war of independence, many of whom with 100% disabilities, are demanding that the government improves regulations and benefits regarding veterans’ status, including returning rights and passing the Homeland War Act and Croatian Veterans’ Act at the constitutional level. The group are also demanding that current the War Veterans’ Minister Predrag Matić resigns from his portfolio. The protestors, who are set up in a tent in front of the Ministry, have had regular visitors, including those bringing food and warm drinks, as well as the political elite.

Croatia’s President Ivo Josipović, and President of Parliament Josip Leko have both called in to try to negotiate with the group, but with little success. Josipović urged the group to go back home out of the cold as it could damage their health being exposed to such conditions. Josipović and Leko propossed that the group sit down at the negotiating table with the government. A meeting has been set for Tuesday at the tent after the group refused invitations to hold a meeting anywhere else.

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