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Want To Be Manager Of The Year? 35,000 Please

A young Croatian business women has turned down an award from the Croatian Managers and Entrepeneurs Association  (CROMA) because the organisation were asking for 35,000 kuna (5,000 euros) in return.

Hana Medin, an agronomy engineer from the Dalmatian city of Zadar, was named Manager of the Year by CROMA but was shocked to find out that she had to fork out close to 5,000 euros in return for the honour.

Medin has turned down the title and says she would much rather spend the money on her staff. Hana farms snails near Zadar and exports humus from red Californian worms. Her humus is exported to Arabian countries and recently Medina became a member of an elite business club in the United Arab Emirates.

After Medin refused the title, CROMA have changed the rules. Now a fee of 35,000 kuna is no longer required, and they will even send the award in the post to the winner, at their own costs.

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