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Vote on Slogan for Croatia’s Official World Cup Team Bus

Vote on your favourite slogan (Photo: HNS)

FIFA has given Croatian football fans three options to vote on for the slogan which will grace the Croatian football team’s bus at the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer.

After the first phase of the bus slogan contest, FIFA published the shortlist of 3 slogans from fans which will be voted on with the most popular being used on the team bus at this summer’s World Cup.

The options are:

1) Mala zemlja, veliki snovi (Little country, big dreams)
2) Želja u srcu je moć na terenu! (Desire in the heart is power on the pitch!)
3) Srcem do vrha! (With heart to the top!)

Voting is now open until 14 May when the winning slogan for each nation will be announced. Voting is open on the official Twitter profile of the World Cup. Prizes, including a trip to the World Cup, will be awarded to the winning slogans.

The winning slogan for the EURO 2016 competition was ‘Nova vatra, staro mjesto, ista nada’ (New fire, old place, same hopes) which had references to the 1998 Croatian side.

Currently, option 1 is the most popular.

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