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Visiting Croatia’s enticing Brod-Posavina County

Brodsko Kolo (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

The unique gastro-identity of Brod-Posavina, the southern Slavonian county in Croatia, is the best invitation to visit this area, an attractive excursion destination where the nation’s most famous loving couple of storks, Malena and Klepetan live.

Slavonski Brod, June 30, 2020 – We travel to expand our horizons, get to know the cultural heritage and natural beauties, but only when we try the authentic flavours served on a plate, we can say how we got to know the destination in the full sense of the word.  

When you come to Brod-Posavina County, you will surely first have to make a toast with homemade plum brandy to welcome you, and then the host will serve you a real splendour of taste on a plate. From sausages, bacon and Kulen, to game, čobanac or fish stew, to a very special Graševina soup – are there better invitations to visit this lowland area?  

Cold cuts (Photo credit: Ena Kokanović Nagy)

Kulen (Photo credit: Ena Kokanović Nagy)

Pate from čvarci (Photo credit: Ena Kokanović Nagy)

From Nova Gradiška to Slavonski Brod, on the route with numerous rural homestays, you can enjoy the rich flavours of Slavonia, and about 15 restaurants which are holders of the prestigious label “Tastes of Posavlje border”, a confirmation of top traditional cuisine. 

(Photo credit: Ena Kokanović Nagy)

Trganci with bacon and cheese, perch fish in a graševina sauce, šokački steak, forked carp, crackling pate…, but also sweet spots or irresistible apple strudel… a real gourmet experience that even those who care about calories will not resist.

Peaches (Photo credit: Ena Kokanović Nagy)

Wine from Stupnički brdo, popular craft beer or maybe gin, choose what you like, it has everything. 

Stupničko vinogorje (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

Visit the Pljuskara canyon with waterfalls and caves; special reserve of forest vegetation and the remaining part of the Slavonian rainforest Prašnik with as many as 300 years old oaks, special ornithological reserves Jelas and Bara Dvorina… Take a bike path; take a walk along the baroque Gradiška or quay, as the people of Brod call their promenade along the Sava, enjoy sunbathing and swimming on Poloja in Brod, one of the most beautiful river beaches in Croatia and enjoy the summer in a very special way. 

Kupalište Poloj (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

Tvrđava Brod (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

Rezervat Gajna (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

Kupalište Poloj (Photo credit: Alen Vrlazić)

Life is returning to normal again, and Klepetan has returned to Malena this year, so the celebrity storks from Slavonski Brod are together again.

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