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Vincekovo celebration in Croatia on 22 Jan

Vincekovo (Photo credit: Daruvar Tourist Board)

ZAGREB, 21 January 2020 – Along with the famous Martinje in November which is a symbol of the end of the wine making year, Vincekovo, traditionally celebrated in northern Croatia, is the biggest folk custom that commemorates the opening of the new year of winegrowing and celebrates the blessing of the vineyards.

January 22nd is Saint Vincent’s day, and this Saint has long been celebrated as a patron of wine growers, wine makers, and wine tradesmen from Portugal and Spain to Croatia.

“Regardless of the weather, the vineyard owner comes to the vine, cuts three twigs with three buds, which are then put into the house in a pot of water by the window. When the buds start to open, guesses are made about what kind of wine year might be. The vines from which the twigs were cut off are then sprinkled with rite – “baptized” with old wine and decorated with smoked sausages, bacon and dried ribs, symbolizing the desire for fertility and good yield. According to folk tradition, everything is accompanied by song and gig, tasting old and young wine and delicious home-made snacks,” Sve o svemu writes.

“Having recently visited Medjimurje, I am particularly interested in the Vincekovo customs taking place in the Croatian Uplands,” said Mirena Bagur, co-founder of Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc., Boston, US. “I love the symbolism of decorating the vines with dried meat and sausages as a way to empower the grape clusters to grow to that size in the new wine year. These may be simply folk tales, but they are certainly fun. Particularly when accompanied with veselica.” (party with music).

For those in the US interested in holding a St. Vincent celebration, you’ll need to get some wine twigs as well as preferably Croatian wine to bless the vineyards. Visit Croatian Premium Wine Imports with a current inventory of wines from Dalmatia, and with the process in motion to bring in new wines in the coming year. Živjeli!

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