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VIDEO: YouTube chef sensation puts Vegeta to the test

Gustavo Tosta, the Miami-based chef sensation known as Guga, who has garnered nearly 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more on other social networks, has reviewed the popular Croatian seasoning Vegeta. 

“I had never heard of this before until you guys asked me to give it a try. This is the MSG of Croatia,” Guga, who struggled with the pronunciation, said in his intro.

Guga then took 3 Australian Wagyu steaks, seasoned two with salt, pepper, and dehydrated garlic, and one with just a little salt and Vegeta. 

He then vacuum-sealed them and cooked them sous vide style at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. 

Guga also seasoned butter with Vegeta. What will certainly spark controversy is the fact that Guga also took the effort to make a “traditional Croatian side dish” – burek – and he shows viewers how he made that.

Guga and two other chefs who made up the jury were amazed by the complexity of the steak’s flavour with Vegeta. Of the steaks offered, the one seasoned with Vegeta convincingly won.

“I have never tasted anything like this before!” concluded Guga.

He also invited his Croatian followers to comment on how he prepared the steaks and burek. The video has almost 400,000 views already.

Check out the video below. 

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