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[VIDEO] World Champion Dives Blue Cave in Croatia

A few weeks ago one of the world’s best high divers, and current FINA World Champion, visited the Croatian island of Vis.

Colombian Orlando Duque, who won the first ever Gold medal in the sport at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, was impressed what he saw on the island of Vis, saying it is one of the nicest places ever that he has discovered.

Duque was particularly impressed with Biševo’s Modra špilja (blue cave) where he took a dive.

“Sometimes it is not the height, it’s the mult-dimensional place of immaculate beauty,” said the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series runner-up, before adding.

“This place (Blue Cave) was discovered 130 years ago. This is Croatian beauty in all its glory.”

It was not just the Blue Cave that took the champion diver aback. Orlando described the stunning natural phenomenon of Stiniva beach as ‘impossible’ before jumping barefoot from one of the rocks, and was impressed by the island’s Green Cave.

“If someone said that this place existed you probably would not believe them. It is really unbelievable what kind of diversity you can find on this island,” he said, after making a number of dives from the caves tunnel.

“I really have traveled the world my whole life looking for pristine locations and beautiful places from which I could jump. But never expected that I would find all I needed in one place. I will certainly go back to Vis,” he said.

Check out Duque’s jump in the stunning Blue Cave or organise a Blue Cave tour from Split.

The Blue Cave is a protected geomorphological monument of nature. All activities inside the cave are forbidden by the Nature Protection Act of the Republic of Croatia, and were exclusively granted to Orlando Duque for this special project.

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