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[VIDEO] Trailer DISCOVER CROATIA – Legends of Croatia

LOVEBlog Post by: Touristar TV

And so, one weekend, we headed to see a new Pixar cartoon “Inside Out”. A wonderful story about emotions, but this is not the topic of this blog. And so, the movie started with the well known Pixar introduction; five minute love story of two volcanic islands. Aaaaw…

The music is known, “Somewhere over the rainbow”, in excellent interpretation by Nikša Bratoš, sung by beautiful voices of Damir Kedžo and Ivana Rushaidat. So, while you’re intoxicated by a charming love story of two islands, you assume that this is Hawaii…

Why am I writing this? All of this would be irrelevant if we didn’t make tourism movies for the last six years and, as I see, although it is largely being in the air of how we have to move away from the “sun and the sea”, we are still sunbathing and collecting most of the money to the state budget during the season…

I don’t think that there are no bright spots in our beautiful country, but that the Middle Ages reigns in our tourism, it really reigns. Anyway, that beautiful song greets you with “Aloha” and invites you to come to visit these wonderful islands.

So, I’m wondering why our beautiful homeland, one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean, isn’t able to become a brand through everything that the Croats are so proud of? Everyone swear to patriotism, right hand is always on the heart while the national anthem is playing, and we still haven’t managed to collect a handful of brainiacs and turn that history into something that will really talk about the fullness of life – aka “fulloflife”.

Of course that Pixar chose Hawaii, of course they made a short movie about it, of course that someone “across the pond” thought of it. And that’s key. Someone thought of it. Someone told a story about something that is so ordinary, so natural, but phenomenally rounded in the story of a love that has made lava burst. And here, my daughter knows the words to the song, we sang it all the way home, we saw the cartoon twice…

And our beautiful Croatia?

Well, it doesn’t matter, we (by we I mean TouristarTV) made The Legends of Croatia for the soul. But only in two counties, the others didn’t have the budget.

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