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VIDEO: Snow falls on Sljeme, Zagreb as temperatures drop

Illustration (Photo: Jonathan Knepper/Unsplash)

ZAGREB, 12 April 2019 – Although Croatia is already three weeks into spring, a video from Sljeme, the mountain peak of Medvednica just north of Zagreb today would make you believe otherwise.  

Snow fell on Friday on Sljeme as temperatures plummeted, surprising many considering temperatures last week were close to 20°C. The cold front is expected to hang around for the next few days with the chances of more snow not ruled out. 

Besides Sljeme, now also fell on Zavižan where temperatures were recorded at -3°C and in Gorski Kotar. 

Due to the atmosphere being in a transitional state in spring, the snow is different than when it falls in winter. It melts faster in spring and is more wetter and heavier. 

Temperatures for much of inland Croatia will hover between 4°C – 7°C, making it one of the coldest periods in April on record. Video from Sljeme from Live Cam Croatia below.

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