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[VIDEO] Rimac’s Concept One Races La Ferrari

PanoramaWhat happened when Croatia’s multi-award winning electric super car, Rimac Automobili’s Concept_One, took on LaFerrari, the limited production hybrid sports car built by Italian sports car maker Ferrari, in a short dash?…

A video posted this week by Uživo s hrvatskih prometnica shows that the two cars testing their capabilities at the track. Just to recap, the Concept_One, which has already won a host of innovative awards, is a battery-powered vehicle which boasts more than 1,000 Hp and reaches a top speed of 190 Mph. On the other side, the 1 million US dollar LaFerrari, which only 499 have been built, has a mid-rear mounted Ferrari F140 65° V12 combustion engine with a 6.3 litre capacity producing 800 PS (789 bhp).

Watch the race below (Rimac’s Concept_One is the blue car)

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