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VIDEO: Rimac C_Two races a Porsche Taycan

Rimac C_Two races a Porsche Taycan


Croatian EV hypercar manufacturer Mate Rimac has published a video today of his Rimac C_Two taking on a Porsche Taycan on an airport runway in Velika Gorica near Zagreb.

In the next few weeks, Rimac will start production of the C_Two, which will not be the official name of the model when it is released. Only five have been made in pre-production and on Sunday Rimac took one of them out to the same airfield where he broke records with his green BMW E30 he created 10 years ago to test acceleration. 

“Straight line performance is by far not everything, but still quite important for a hypercar. We have designed the C_Two to impress with technology, usability, design, features, road manners and track performance. Lateral dynamics and driving fun was always super important for us. Today, we have focus on straight line performance but soon we’ll cover the other interesting aspects as well – like our new generation Torque Vectoring and drift modem,” Rimac said. 

In the video below, you can watch the Rimac C_Two make a slow start but overtake and beat the Porsche comfortably across the line. 

“Of course, it’s not all about acceleration,” Rimac said, announcing significant improvements in car performance over the next few weeks.

The Bugatti Chiron currently holds the record with 9.4 seconds for a quarter mile, while Rimac took just under 9 seconds in his car.

Check out the video below.  

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