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VIDEO: Report on Dalmatia brand on America’s Good Day show

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Croatian jams and spreads brands have been featured in a special report on the popular American TV show from Sacramento ‘Good Day’. The show hosted Neb Chupin the owner of Hermes International company known for its Dida Boža and Dalmatia brands, on a live broadcast this week. 

This show is known for its latest news from everyday life, events, and celebrity lifestyles. The host, Tina Macuha, presented the Dalmatia brand as a “must-try” product for every American fan of Mediterranean cuisine.

The owner of the brand joined the show live from beautiful Dubrovnik in Croatia and left the hosts speechless due to the backdrop of the breathtaking coast and irresistible nature. During the interview with Tina, Neb shared the story of his childhood, the influence of his grandfather’s love for nature in creating a brand 20 years ago. 

As a boy, Neb spent a lot of time in nature on the field with his grandfather growing figs, cherries, and other fruits which became important parts of Dalmatia selection. While working as an engineer in America, he often wondered which product he could introduce to an American customer and capture the market. 

Although fig jam was not the first idea on his mind it became a synonym for success after Whole Foods recognition and product listing.

In addition to fig jam, Dalmatia brand today has a wide selection of products, that includes the latest additions of organic rosehip spread, superberry, and hazelnut-fig spread. Neb mentioned that rosehip spread is well- known in Europe and loved by Croatian customers while Americans are still discovering this product. 

He presented benefits of rosehip from which the jam is made of, its delicate texture, and a significant amount of vitamin C that contains. As a culinary tip, he recommended that in addition to bread and butter, rosehip spread combines well with various kinds of cheeses. Second in line was superberry spread prepared from super fruit of Aronia, goji berry, and blueberry. Neb compared the taste of the supermix to the taste of blueberries but more intense because of Aronia flavor, also known as Siberian blueberry. Aronia as well as goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. 

Dalmatia brand 

Neb noted that all Dalmatia products are available in well-known stores: Nugget Markets, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Raley’s, and Safeway. At the end of the show, the host Tina prepared a special recipe with grilled cheese and Dalmatia fig spread.

You can see the video below. 

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