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[VIDEO] Meet 8 Successful Croatian Companies Vying for a European Business Award

Marina Lab

MarinaLab Opus

There are a number of small and medium-sized companies doing some impressive things in Croatia…

Currently 8 companies are competing to become the National Public Champion to represent Croatia at this year’s European Business Awards. Public voting has now opened and closes on 26 February. On 7 March the company with the most votes will be named ‘National Public Champion’ for Croatia. All National Champions from 32 nations will then compete to European Public Champion at the European Business Awards.

“Last year the public vote generated over 170,000 votes from across the world. It is a very important part of the Awards as it gives these entrepreneurial companies another way of showcasing their achievements. So we ask everyone wanting to support their country or business in general to take some time, watch the videos, and cast their vote” said Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards.

The European Business Awards was created to recognize and promote business success and support the development of a stronger business community throughout Europe. Additional sponsors and partners of the Awards include ELITE, the UKTI and PR Newswire. Winners will be announced at the European Business Awards Gala event in June 2016.

Meet Croatia’s nominees in these short videos (in English):

Nature of Business: trade
Sector: Retail

Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Nature of Business: ICT
Sector: Telecommunications

Nature of Business: IT
Sector: IT Technology

MarinaLab Opus
Sector: Pharmaceutical/Science
Nature of Business: Production of medical products, food supplements and cosmetic products

Rimac Automobili
Nature of Business: Vehicle and technology production
Sector: Manufacturing; Research and Development

Nature of Business: manufacturing home care and personal care products
Sector: Manufacturing

Nature of Business: IT Solutions
Sector: IT Technology

Nature of Business: IT infrastructure network and communication security application and business solutions and development
Sector: IT Technology

You can cast your votes here.


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