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VIDEO: Masterchef Croatia Scandal

Mystery is surrounding Masterchef Croatia 2012 after last night’s final episode broadcast in Croatia showed one winner, but when it was broadcast in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina it showed a different winner.

Nikola Lesar was last night declared Croatian Masterchef 2012 winner on Croatian television after the judges rated his 3 coarse meal higher than that of his opponent Marko Palfi. However, when the final of the show was broadcast 2 hours later on Bosnian television, Palfi was named the winner.

Confused fans of the show took to Masterchef’s Facebook page, and it seems that two scenarios, showing both final contestants as the winner were filmed when the series was shot in the summer. Both Lesar and Palfi were kept in the dark as to who the actually winner was until last night’s episode was broadcast in order to stop information about who won being leaked to the public. It seems that Bosnian television played the wrong version, leaving Masterchef Croatia bosses red-faced.

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