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VIDEO: ‘Korcula – The island made of dreams’ campaign presented

(Photo: HTP Korcula d.d.)

KORCULA, 30 April 2020 – HTP Korcula d.d. (Korcula Hotels) have presented their latest campaign: ˝Korcula -The island made of dreams˝ on Thursday. 

“The aim of the campaign is to focus on promoting the destination and its authenticity in these challenging times when traveling is not possible, thus staying in touch with our past visitors to the island, as well as attracting new visitors to dream with us and then visit the island of Korcula when this will be possible after the COVID-19 epidemic,” HTP Korcula d.d said.  

The main narrative of the communication is dreams and daydreaming: Through the campaign, visitors are invited to dream about the beauty of Korcula Island and the important message is that everyone can achieve those dreams together soon, with hashtags #StayHome, #DreamNow, #TravelLater merged into one hashtag #KorculaTheIslandMadeOfDreams.

“In this campaign, the promotion of the destination is imperative, as is everything we can experience on the island. The first phase of the campaign is planned to run for a month via social networks and is aimed primarily at regional guests,” HTP Korcula d.d said. 

On Mondays, historical facts and information about the rich cultural heritage of the island of Korcula called Dreams made of medieval heritage will be published. Wednesdays will feature the island’s natural beauties titled Dreams made of turquoise sea / Dreams made of sunlit beaches.

On Fridays, information about gastro and sports activities with the title Dreams made of unique experience / Dreams made of joy and leisure will be published.  Via Instagram stories, people will be encouraged to publish material related to the island of Korcula with the hashtag #KorculaTheIslandMadeOfDreams. The Promo video is below. 

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