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VIDEO: How I taught my girls the Croatian anthem 

Chloii & Kaleesi (Screenshot)

PERTH, 23 September 2019 – Whilst these two cute sisters in Australia may not be fluent in the Croatian language, they have mastered the Croatian national anthem. 

Chloii (7) & Kaleesi (6) Kukulj-Tinelli dance folklore in Perth, Western Australia and when their teacher asked all the kids to learn the Croatian anthem, it was left to their mum to teach them. 

“They practiced at home and in the car. I found practicing in the car the best, we only listen to Croatian music, it’s my way of starting to teach them the language” said mum Lidia. “So, every time when were in the car it was for learning the Croatian National Anthem.”

Chloii and Kaleesi are often featured on their mum’s popular Instagram account, @ilidialove so when it comes to being in front of the camera, they are not shy. In the past they have been featured singing Croatian songs, S Tobom by Franka to Bozic Bijeli by Dalmatino.

Mum Lidia with her girls (Instagram)

Lidia’s method of teaching them the language through music seems to be producing results. 

“I love being able to educate my girls about my Croatian heritage & culture. As well as all the other cultures in this wonderful world of ours.
One of the best ways for me to teach my girls the Croatian language is through song. The girls are slowly learning the language, for now they can mostly understand more than they can speak,” Lidia said. 

Check out the girls singing the Croatian anthem below after just a couple months practice. 

Below the girls singing with their mum. 



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S tobom je zivot muzika s tobom je sreca navika s tobom je srce hrabrije s tobom je dobro najbolje S tobom su zvijezde sjajnije s tobom je nebo uz mene s tobom su pjesme ljubavne s tobom je sve drugacije 🎶 – @frankaofficial_ Ok, I am just going to own it…. I’m super emotional about my girls going to school tomorrow 😢 As a busy single mamma, it has been harder to work during these 2 month school holidays, but, we made it work. The girls are no nuisance or bother at all, they are my routine … I love hanging out with them, going for dinners, holidays, staying in hotels, just the 3 of us…. we have an understanding… reality is the time has come that they are both in full time school, I don’t want them to go 😭 but… they must 🕊🕊✨✨✨ #music #frankabatelic #love #schoolholidays #chloiikukuljtinelli #kaleesikukuljtinelli

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