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[VIDEO] Football World Cup Passion Film to Premiere at Days of Croatian Film

dhfShort Plays, a combination of short films by top directors from competing nations at last year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, will have its Croatian premiere at the 24th Days of Croatian Film which starts in Zagreb this week…

Short Plays is a project conceived by the Mexican director and producer Daniel Gruener before the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup in Brazil. Gruener gathered the world’s best directors around a common task: to make a film about the most important pastime in the world. Everyone could choose one football rule or custom and make a short film lasting up to five minutes.

In the festival form, 21 short films – arranged into a full-length omnibus – about the relationship between the man, film and football will be presented. Drama, comedy, thriller, romance, science fiction and animation – all of these create passion, euphoria, hope, successes, frustrations, adrenaline, victory and a whole range of emotions, shared by everyone related to film and football.

The twenty-one players in question are famous Filmmaking names: Gaspar Noé is wearing a French jersey, Viktor Kosakovski – Russian, Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Thai, Luca Lucini – Italian, Vincent Gallo – the USA, Carlos Reygadas – Mexican, Pablo Fendrik – Argentine, Karim Ainouz – Brazilian. Croatia is represented by the award-winning film and theatre director Bobo Jelčić, whose film will be screened at the Festival. Jelčič’s piece is titled Razmjena dresova (The Exchange of the Jerseys) starring Ivana Krizmanić.

Short Plays will premiere at Kino Tuškanac, Zagreb on Saturday 25 April at 21:00. Days of Croatian Film will be held from 23 – 26 April. For more information visit the official website here.

Short Plays / Kratke lopte trailer from SpiritusMovens on Vimeo.

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